Scout's Legends

Genre: Adventure RPG

Platform: PC

Release Date: 2023

Scouts Legends is an open-world RPG game with survival aspects set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game lets you fully interact with the game-world. With the help of Character customizations and story manipulations, players can maximize the experience of fine tailored Scouts Legends fantastic, roleplay focussed world.

Comming Soon

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RINA : The City Protector

Genre: Educational, Puzzle

Platform: Mobile(IOS, Android)

Release Date: 2022

Rina: The City protector is a non-profit educational game developed LynxGamez with the purpose of helping the goal of Çevre Dostu Yunuslar Derneği, an environmental awareness association. The main purpose of the game is to educate young minds on social responsibilities in order to raise the environment-friendly generations with educational games such as mind-enhancing math, physics, and/or chemistry.

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Crystal Dash

                        Crystal Dash is a new 2d Hyper Casual, addictive game brought to you by Lynx Gamez. Face the hurdles coming your way by moving forward and clear the round with flying colors. The goal of the game is to collect and dash through crystal diamonds while avoiding randomly generated obstacles in your way to achieving high points.

Toofan Tahmouresi
Toofan Tahmouresi